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ORSP Research Development
University of Mississippi

Exploration Groups

Exploration Groups are UM researchers from diverse departments who band together to explore potential to act on a common interdisciplinary purpose. Groups may receive support for a limited timeĀ  (the Exploration Window).

Group Leader Responsibilities: Each Group should identify one Group Leader, and one or more Group Co-Leaders from different departments, who will agree to:

  • Be points of contact representing group interests to ORSP RD
  • Guide group activities
  • Work with ORSP RD to employ resources on behalf of the group
  • Report on group progress and outcomes to ORSP RD

RD Support to Exploration Groups:

  • Facilitating group communications and meetings
  • Training and information sessions
  • Grant prospecting
  • Research Insight access for group leaders
  • Limited funding for group activities (not common)

Group Formation: LeadersĀ  may submit an application via the UM InfoReady Review portal, providing:

  • info on the team
  • the common purpose
  • the support requested
  • the exploration window
  • a means of assessment

Group Fate: Exploration Groups are temporary by design. Many will spin off into Strike Teams. Stalled groups will be encouraged to disband early, while those that have been productive will receive support for the duration of their proposed Exploration Window, at which point they will automatically expire. Renewal may be possible in some cases.

Tracking: Groups will be tracked from formation to dissolution, and ORSP will count and report the Strike Teams, full funding proposals to external sponsors, and awards resulting from these groups.

Current Exploration Groups:

Drug Delivery for Treatment of neuroHIV

Exploration Window: 3/17/2021 – 3/21/2022


  1. Dr. Eden Tanner, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  2. Dr. Jason Paris, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Study of Race and Racism


  1. Dr. JT Thomas, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
  2. Dr. Simone Delerme, Associate Professor of Anthropology and McMullan Associate Professor of Southern Studies