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Effective January 25, 2023, all proposals to NIH for projects that will generate scientific data must include a Data Management and Sharing Plan.

Key Things for PIs and Administrators to Know

All NIH proposals that will generate data now REQUIRE a Data Management Sharing Plan
All NIH funding proposals submitted on or after January 25 for projects that will generate data must include a two-page Data Management and Sharing Plan (Plan) outlining how scientific data and any accompanying metadata generated by the projects will be managed, preserved and shared.
The acceptability of a plan will be assessed by the NIH Program Staff.
While peer reviewers may comment on the proposed budget for data management and sharing, these comments will not impact the overall score
The approved plan will become a Term and Condition of the award.
The awarding NIH ICO may review a project’s Plan compliance during regular reporting intervals
The policy tells what kinds of scientific and meta data should be included in the plan.
  • delineates what kinds of data (scientific and metadata) must be managed and shared by the DMS Policy (and what kinds are not covered), providing definitions for scientific data, metadata, data management, and data sharing
  • establishes specific requirements for when data should start being shared during the award period, and general guidance for proposing how long data will be shared following the award period
Supplement NOT-OD-21-014 tells what elements to include in the plan
The generally recommended elements to include in the plan are:

    1. data types;
    2. related tools, software, and/or code;
    3. standards;
    4. data preservation, access, and associated timelines;
    5. access, distribution, or reuse considerations; and
    6. oversight of data management and sharing

But the awarding NIH ICO may develop more specific data sharing expectations (e.g., scientific data to share, relevant standards, repository selection, timelines).

Data management costs can be included in the proposal budget
The policy establishes that reasonable data management and data costs may be allowable under the proposed project budget, and references a separately issued information supplement (NOT-OD-21-015) that outlines categories of allowable costs, including for such activities as:

    1. curating data and developing supporting documentation
    2. preserving and sharing data through established repositories
    3. managing the data institutionally—for example, until it can be deposited into repositories
NIH provides guidance on selecting a data repository
NIH has issued supplementary guidance (NOT-OD-21-016) for selecting a data repository.
The UM Libraries provide an online DMP Tool for creating Data Management Plans
eGrove is UM's institutional repository.
eGrove, the institutional repository of the University of Mississippi, can host data to satisfy grant requirements, and can also host sets to supplement publications.
Michelle Emanuel, Head of Metadata and Digital Initiatives and Professor, UM Libraries,

Key Things for PIs to Do at Proposal Time

Develop a compliant data management plan for all NIH proposals that generate data. REQUIRED
  • To make sure that your plan is compliant, is is strongly recommended that you carefully read, seek clarification if needed (from NIH program staff, ORSP staff, and/or local/departmental research administrative staff), and make sure to understand, the DMS Policy, and/or any NIH ICO-specific Plan guidance, very early in the proposal development process.
  • It is also strongly recommended that you use the DMPTool to develop at least the first draft of your plan.
  • The NIH Policy encourages proposers to work with NIH staff prior to submission to address any potential questions regarding Plan development prior to submission
Include data management costs in your NIH proposal budget. Recommended
  • Coordinate early with your with designated research administration support staff to include in the NIH budget all of the reasonable and allowable costs for implementing the entire Plan
  • work with local departmental administrative staff, in coordination with central UM procurement personnel, to ensure that there is a bright pathway for procuring any required external contractual services (e.g., repository fees) to implement the proposed Plan, compliant with all applicable UM procurement policies and procedures
Include compliant data management plan in your NIH proposal and in the ORSP transmittal. REQUIRED
Leverage the DMP Tool to create your data management plan. Recommended
  • become familiar with capabilities of the DMPTool provided by the UM Libraries for the development of data management plans that are responsive to the guidelines specific federal sponsors, including NIH
  • utilize the DMPTool to develop a data management and sharing plan that includes all of the NIH-required or NIH ICO-required elements and approaches for inclusion in the proposal

Key Things for PIs to Do at Award Time

Update the Plan. AS REQUIRED
PI may update the plan as needed, with approval from the funding NIH ICO, during the award period—either at regular reporting intervals (e.g., at the time of annual Research Performance Progress Reports, or RPPRs) or sooner if needed
Comply with the Plan
PI and institution must comply with the plan as approved in the award agreement.
Report on Compliance. REQUIRED
PI must report on plan compliance at regular annual project reporting intervals
Notify ORSP SPA of Compliance Issues. REQUIRED
PI must notify ORSP Sponsored Programs Administration of any challenges or issues with program compliance, as soon as they are discovered.

Additional Resources

Applicable NIH Documents
  • NIH-OD-21-013—Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing
  • NOT-OD-21-014—Supplemental Information to the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing: Elements of an NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan
  • NOT-OD-21-015—Supplemental Information to the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing: Allowable Costs for Data Management and Sharing
  • NOT-OD-21-016—Supplemental Information to the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing: Selecting a Repository for Data Resulting from NIH-Supported Research
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